Donna is a Yoga pioneer - always presenting fresh, innovative material in a simple easy-to-grasp style. I honour Donna's depth of understanding and embodiment of what she teaches. I honour Donna's humility, her fun-loving spirit, her modelling of Yoga as a life practice - Donna's absolute presence with each student who asks a question, her gentleness and considered response is a gift to all those present. Thank you again Donna! ~ Jen Hall

Each time I work with Donna she reminds me how to come back to my center
and how to be just where I am as I am. ~ Laura Eilers (USA)

I have often considered the 'goal' of my asana practice to be a certain posture seen in a picture or in an advanced asana class. It takes courage and self conviction to do a practice that does not attribute itself to such ideas. Donna's intensive has reminded me of the real purpose of Yoga and given me the conviction to follow a picture of Yoga that comes from within me. ~ Yoon-Hee Cho (Beijing, China)

Donna is disarmingly honest and funny, delivering the content with succinct words and deep compassion for the human condition. Her insight and teaching embody a deep knowledge, revealing profound depths of wisdom.
~ Madelaine Heinemann (London, UK)

Yoga Teacher Training


This training is a movement toward a new pedagogic model for the teacher/student relationship within the Yoga tradition.

Yoga Workshops & Intensives


A complete list of Donna’s schedule. Donna travels extensively to teach students from Hobart to Beijing.

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