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How do you create a context for your students to be confident in listening to their own perceptions? How can you support your students’ independence and ability to make their own skillful choices? Donna addresses these topics and many more in her special Yoga Teachers Package. This website-only offer includes:

  1. Mp3 download: The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga;” an hour-long keynote in which Donna outlines the pedagogic model that has informed her approach to teaching and training teachers.
  2. PDF download of the PowerPoint slides that accompany her keynote.
  3. Book: Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship, (accompanied by CD of her keynote “Holding a Heart in Our Hands”)




Further Information

Donna has been developing her teaching methods for more than thirty years. Whether you’re a new or seasoned teacher (or in training to teach), this package will support you to create a fear-free teaching environment for yourself and your students and embody acceptance and compassion as the basis of all interactions.

1. The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga (Mp3)

In her address, Falling Short of Knowing and the Ethics of Uncertainty: A Pedagogic Model for Teaching Yoga, Donna encourages a model that relies in equal measure on rigorous science and research and the ongoing cultivation of a being in a state of “intelligent unknowing.” In this insightful keynote delivered at the 2013 Australian Yoga Therapy Conference, Donna shares the pedagogic model she has developed over three decades of instruction. Considered “the teacher of teachers” Donna discusses the art and science of being an effective Yoga teacher and how this involves having a clear strategy and ethos that informs, supports and guides what we say and do with our students. Concerned with the increasing incidence and severity of Yoga injuries worldwide, she emphasizes that even the safest of Yoga techniques can be made dangerous if it is filtered through an unsound teaching model where the teacher, not the student gauges and determines threshold. This keynote outlines how to support the student’s independence and ability to make their own skillful choices.

In this keynote, Donna will share:

  • How to create a safe and fear-free environment that supports both the teacher and the student
  • How to gauge optimal educational thresholds
  • How to engage the student’s active involvement in learning
  • What happens when safe techniques are filtered through unsound teaching models
  • Cultivating the student’s inner reference system as a movement towards independence
  • Developing a horizontal communication model
  • Embodying acceptance and compassion as the base state for all interactions

Please note: The audio recording is supplied as an mp3 download [166.8Mb]. As it is not from iTunes, it cannot be downloaded via mobile devices. Please download via your computer. Most computers will automatically save them in your ‘downloads’ folder. However, if you have any problems:
1.    Open the link in Firefox or Chrome
2.    Go to the Firefox/Chrome menu and select “File/Save Page As”
3.    Choose the location where you wish to save it. If you are using iTunes, the first time you click on it, it will automatically be imported

2. The Art & Science of Teaching Yoga (pdf)

Donna’s keynote address is accompanied by a PowerPoint pdf so that you can follow the keynote step-by-step and save it as a resource for study

Please note: the file size is 29.1Mb.

3. Teaching Yoga: Exploring The Teacher Student Relationship (Book + CD)

Teaching Yoga is being used as a curricular text for Yoga teacher training programs throughout the world. It was the first book ever published to address the specific and often complex ethical issues that can arise within the Yoga teacher-student relationship. Since writing the book, Donna has been passionately committed to educating teachers about the power of working with a pedagogic model that ignites the process of self-inquiry; moves the student towards independence, and paves the way towards a much safer environment for Yoga students to learn. Teaching Yoga explores with depth and compassion a variety of topics both practical and philosophical, including:

  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • The student-teacher relationship (including whether a sexual relationship is acceptable)
  • How to create physical and emotional safety for the student
  • What is a reasonable class size; how much a class should cost
  • How to conduct the business of teaching while upholding the integrity of Yoga as a philosophy, a science, and an art
  • A bonus CD features Donna speaking about yoga ethics at a 2002 conference.

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