Frequently Asked Questions

Will this training certify me to teach?

This training is not a certification program, nor is Donna certifying participants to be teachers. Rather, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating that you have undertaken 220 hours, with a breakdown of the topics covered. Those completing the training are asked not to advertise that they “are certified by Donna” or any other misleading references.

Is this training eligible for Yoga Alliance credit?

No, this training cannot be used towards your 200hrs with Yoga Alliance. However it can be used to meet Yoga Australia membership requirements. For full details please refer to the Yoga Australia Membership Curriculum Table 220 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Donna Farhi, by clicking here.

Are there prerequisites for the training?

The Yoga teacher training is suitable for Yoga teachers and advanced students. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive or complete Yoga teacher training program, nor is it a basic level training. An accredited training would require many years of comprehensive study in many different subjects. Rather, it is intended to give anyone either intending to teach or already teaching Yoga, a comprehensive understanding of the conscious use of movement and asana as a transformative practice. Because we are working with principles, this material will be useful to any Yoga teacher, regardless of the particular style or tradition currently practiced.

While you need not have begun teaching, participants should have an established personal practice of at least two years and be conversant with the basic Yoga asanas. An “established personal practice” means that you, the teacher trainee, have a commitment to your Yoga practice, both for your own self-realization, and as a basis for teaching from your own direct experience. Please be assured that the emphasis of this training is not on the attainment of difficult Yoga postures or strenuous sequences, but rather, on the movement of each individual toward clarity and equanimity. However, it is important that you do have a basic level of physical well-being. We do not recommend attending this training if you are in acute or chronic pain, or have a debilitating health problem at this time.

An important aspect of this training is its highly experiential nature. You will be working deeply with yourself and closely with other individuals and the group as a whole. You will be presented with a range of different teaching and learning styles, some of which you may be unaccustomed to. Course participants need to have experience in processing, expressing appropriately and containing their experiences with the view to respecting the integrity of the training group.

Is there a selection process?

All students must complete an application to attend the training. It’s important that complete and full answers are provided on the application so that Donna can accurately assess that the goals of a participant mesh with that of the training and also that the training is suitable for a participant. Your application is reviewed by all teaching faculty and assistants prior to the training so that they are better able to help each participant meet their goals.

When the answers on an application form indicate that the potential participant does not have a clear idea of the content and method with which Donna works AND the person has not studied with her before, we may accept your application pending these terms:

  • Attendance at a weekend or other intensive prior to the training dates.
  • That all prerequisite reading (Donna’s 4 books) has been completed prior to the training dates.

These requirements are for your benefit so that you can be absolutely certain that the training meets your needs, and it is for the training group’s benefit so that we have a cohesive group of individuals with a common goal.

It is important that you send in your application immediately. If your application is not accepted your monies will be refunded in full. Please do not make travel plans until your application has been confirmed.

Can I arrive early / leave later?

We do advise long distance travellers arrive a couple of days early to acclimatize to the new time zone before the training begins. An online Google search or travel agent could help you with accommodation options.

Can I bring my partner and/or child?

We wish to reserve our accommodation only to those who are attending the training. Additionally, children, especially young children can disturb others sleep.  The teaching schedule is quite rigorous so you absolutely must have someone to mind your child while you are in session.

What happens if I have to cancel my place in the training?

Our cancellation policy is clear and is binding upon payment of a deposit. Please find our cancellation policy below:
Your space is reserved after a deposit is paid however registration is not final until full payment is received and your application is accepted. If you cancel before August 1, 2016 your deposit will be refunded less a $150.00 administrative fee. If you cancel before November 1, 2016 your monies will be refunded less a $200.00 administration fee. If you cancel after November 1, 2016 your monies can only be refunded if your place can be filled by the wait list.