Klara Hetzmanova

Klara Hetzmanova
Majerova 36 Plzen Plzen, Plzen 30100, Czech Republic
Contact Phone Number:
00420 777 622 263
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The way I offer yoga to my students is rather explorative. The challenge is to find, sense and feel the breath and then to explore our physical body and its possibilities. The aim is not to “recreate a perfect pose as it is pictured in the book” but rather with help of basic universal principles, to find a place within the posture (including for life itself) where we feel comfortable and stable. A place where we can breathe freely, a place that shows that we respect our borders and where our mind can be present.
All we do and practice within the classes is rooted in my own practice.

Yoga is a challenge. A challenge to find and feel lightness and ease, harmony, peace and freedom in our ever-changing world.

I am deeply inspired by Donna Farhi`s teachings. I am currently exploring the universal movement principles again and again not only on my own but also with my students.

An important part of my life is karma yoga. Supporting African children so they can attend school, volunteering and teaching in Kampala, Uganda or occasionally preparing food for local homeless people. I believe I can inspire my students, friends and people around me with my enthusiasm and passion to participate in projects like Peace in every step for Africa. Please also see my web pages for further info.