Cheri Dostal

Cheri Dostal
Orange County Area, CA
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Senior Associate
Area of Speciality:
Movement Education and Yoga Therapy

Cheri Dostal Ryba, Franklin Method Movement Educator and 500 RYT Yoga Therapist, has been teaching movement and embodiment for 15 years, full time as an entrepreneur since 2007.

Cheri started practicing Yoga as a dance student, and completed her B.A. Dance Degree. She first trained in New Zealand with Donna Farhi’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program. With nearly 300 hours of assistant teaching under Farhi, Cheri has earned the designation of Senior Associate.

After a decade in the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, Cheri turned her training and energy toward more therapeutic outcomes through embodiment. Yoga, meditation and running helped her navigate personal trauma and rebuild her immune function and resilience. Cheri deeply believes in the power of embodied movement practice.

Anatomy is often at the core of her lessons, giving students what Cheri playfully calls ‘x-ray vision’. She blends yoga, dance, developmental movement patterns, The Franklin Method, restorative yoga and fitness education. As a Movement and Yoga Therapist, she’s helped people with chronic pain, sacroiliac joint, neck and back injuries, mental health/anxiety and to improve digestive health. Cheri’s contagious enthusiasm inspires you to reconnect with the joy of movement.

Cheri offers online (facetime or skype) and live private sessions to adults who desire healing, fitness, and courageous self-study through movement. She offers an online program called Runner’s Tune Up, yoga teacher mentoring, and guest teaches Franklin Method and Yoga workshops throughout the US. Starting in 2016, Cheri will be on the faculty of a new Yoga Therapist training program in Irvine, CA. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Jason.