Karla Brodie

Karla Brodie
Address: 30 Rawene Ave, Westmere, Auckland
Contact Phone Number: 021964252
Status: Senior Associate
Area of Speciality: Restorative yoga, posture, teacher training, retreats

Karla is an experienced and qualified teacher. She is inspired to share the practice of yoga to enhance awareness of breath, movement and conscious rest in every day life. Karla is dedicated to refining the art of sharing practice through mindful inquiry based language, subtle yet effective touch and integrated embodiment through self renewing effortless effort.

She teaches teaches weekly classes, restorative yoga, beginners courses, private lessons, workplace wellness programs and retreats in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

Karla co-founded the ‘Contemporary Yoga Studies’ in Auckland in 2015, a centre dedicated to excellence in mind-body approaches in yoga. The centre offers comprehensive teacher training programs which include in-depth study of anatomy and physiology and yoga philosophy. The Centre also offers ongoing mentorship to young teachers, to support personal and teaching practice, as well professional development.

Karla has over many years assisted her mentor and beloved teacher Donna on various intensives and Teacher Trainings. She is currently on Donna’s Advanced Teacher Training teaching faculty.

 Other trainings:
  • Auckland Yoga Academy three year teacher training apprenticeship, 2002.