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Yoga Teacher Directory

Paul Betesh
Paul has been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. He has had the benefit of some great teachers in yoga, meditation, shamanism, life, the universe and everything! He has studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivanannda and Yin Yoga and more recently worked closely with Donna Farhi whose style is closest to what he is now teaching.
Kerry McGregor
Kerry's background as a massage therapist was the starting point for her Yoga journey - her fascination with functional anatomy was fueled by the beauty, strength and grace of the postures and she was thrilled to find a way to offer her clients a more comprehensive approach to long term spinal care and core stability issues.
Amy Nold
I was drawn to Yoga as a teen who had been very athletic as a child, but in adolescence, lost interest in competition and found Yoga. I did my first class in 1980, and my first Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center in 1996. Teaching followed immediately, including on staff at Kripalu. I took Donna Farhi's first and one of her only Canadian teacher trainings, in 2000. This opened many new doors of perception that over the next many years continued to develop and deepen, and have thoroughly integrated into my teaching style as well as my personal practice.
Klara Hetzmanova
The way I offer yoga to my students is rather explorative. The challenge is to find, sense and feel the breath and then to explore our physical body and its possibilities. The aim is not to “recreate a perfect pose as it is pictured in the book” but rather with help of basic universal principles, to find a place within the posture (including for life itself) where we feel comfortable and stable.
Sam Loe
I offer conscious movement and Restorative Yoga classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats here where I live in Nelson, New Zealand.
Adelene Cheong
Having studied various styles of yoga, Adelene’s practice in the recent decade has been greatly inspired by her teachers Judith Hanson Lasater and Donna Farhi. She also had the opportunity to work with world renowned experts Elise Miller and Marcia Monroe on the application of yoga for scoliosis.
Suzanne McCarty
The owner of the beautifully crafted HARA Beyond Movement Studio and principal instructor, Suzanne McCarty is a fully certified Pilates instructor and a Principal Level Pilates trainer member of the Pilates Alliance Australia, an Authorized GYROTONIC® method trainer and Pre Trainer, GYROKINESIS® method master trainer, a registered Level 2 Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia, and a certified Yoga Therapist IAYT, International Association Yoga Therapists.
Lisa Fabry
My approach to yoga is simple: ‘Listen to your body’, ‘Feel good’ and ‘Have fun’. My classes help guide you, through a process of self-inquiry, towards a compassionate understanding of your own body.
Sal Flynn
Sal Flynn’s formal and informal training blends the disciplines of Yoga Therapy, psychotherapy, education and contemplative practice. Sal’s clients are often people living with or managing the affects of major life transitions, anxiety and depression, grief and trauma.
Cheri Dostal
Cheri Dostal Ryba, Franklin Method Movement Educator and 500 RYT Yoga Therapist, has been teaching movement and embodiment for 15 years. Cheri deeply believes in and understands the power of embodied movement practice. Studying and teaching about the human body and brain in motion is her lifelong dharma.
Gena Kenny
Gena Kenny has taught yoga for more than a decade and has authored the top selling 'Gift of Yoga" book and dvd. Gena discovered yoga through an injury in her previous career as a firefighter. Yoga helped her to not only overcome her physical injury but also helped her to gain life skills to make major life changes and move forward on her true path.
Carol Stall
Carol began studying Yoga in 1973 and started teaching in 1980. She has taught Yoga full time since 1990. Of all the local and internationally known Yoga teachers Carol has experienced, Donna Farhi remains her master teacher, and Donna's work is the primary influence in her teaching. She is also inspired by Vanda Scaravelli and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.
Regan Gardner
Regan is a Dance and Yoga teacher who believes in the power of connecting the mind, body and breath. Her belief is that Yoga is a practice for every body and teaches from a place of mindfulness and nurturing creating a safe space for students to find their own practice.
Lisa Petersen
Lisa Petersen is a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator and Body Mind Centering facilitator based in Ireland. With over a decade’s teaching experience and a BSc. (Hons) in Communications, Lisa is known for her clarity, presence, humour and passion.
Montse Cob
Montse Cob is an experienced and certified Yoga Teacher with great interest in the early developmental movement patterns. She invites students to explore their unique way of sensing, feeling and moving with a smiling approach. Her classes balance the fluidity of the movement with an anatomical approach so the body finds the way to express itself with joy and authenticity.
Melissa Gardiner
Melissa's passion for Yoga and her desire to assist others in their pursuit of health and happiness has culminated in the creation of The Manaia Wellbeing Centre in Rangiora, North Canterbury.

Students comment that they enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classes and her gentle and insightful teaching style.
Neal Ghoshal
Neal has been practicing Yoga for twelve years and teaching since 2003. He sees Yoga as a map showing us the way to return home to a place of peace and a relaxed, heart-centered openness in each moment.

Karla Brodie
Karla is an experienced and qualified teacher. She is inspired to share the practice of yoga to enhance awareness of breath, movement and conscious rest in every day life. Karla is dedicated to refining the art of sharing practice through mindful inquiry based language, subtle yet effective touch and integrated embodiment through self renewing effortless effort.
Joan Miller
Joan Miller first started to study with Donna in the USA in 2000. After graduating with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kripalu teacher training. Completing the Advanced Yoga studies with Donna in 2001. Joan is also a qualified Pilates instructor.
Janine O’Sullivan
Janine believes the mind, body, soul connection is a sacred one, and one that should be nurtured and inspired. With that mentality she teaches her classes from her heart creating an uplifting, safe environment for students to begin to explore and expand within their own body and consciousness.