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Hosting an Intensive with Donna

Donna has a consistent group of hosts that she has worked with for years. These hosts have worked tirelessly to support Donna in sharing her approach to Yoga and have become over the years her loyal friends.

We regularly receive inquiries to our office asking to host Donna in your area. Since Donna does all of her own scheduling, she asks that you attend a 5-day Intensive or Teacher Training program to introduce yourself. She will only consider working with hosts who she has met in person and knows that you have made the time and effort to understand her teaching. In this way, as a host you will be in a good position to answer questions from potential participants and you will have gained a clear sense of how intensives are conducted. But most important, you will be in a position to continue helping your students explore this approach to Yoga.

In some instances, larger organizations have hosted Donna, but even these centres have several resident teachers who have done teacher training with Donna and who continue to attend 5-day intensives to further their studies.