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Audio Recordings

All of these recordings are live and while imperfect (because of the ambient sounds that are the animal of real life), they are also refreshingly authentic and unscripted.  Delivered as keynote addresses at international gatherings; offered as Webonair programs, or captured during the heart of a Yoga intensive or retreat, there is a sense of being in the room with a gathering of like-minded Yogis.  If you’ve dreamed of working with Donna but have been unable to attend an intensive, or you are a regular student who wants to have support for their ongoing practice, use these recordings to build your understanding, inspire your teaching or reconnect to yourself.

Please note: audio recordings are supplied as an mp3 download. As they are not iTunes they cannot be downloaded via mobile devices. Please download via your computer. Most computers will automatically save them in your ‘downloads’ folder. However, if you have any problems:

  1. Open the link in Firefox or Chrome
  2. Go to the Firefox/Chrome menu and select “File/Save Page As”
  3. Choose the location where you wish to save it. If you are using iTunes, the first time you click on it, it will automatically be imported

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