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Yoga For Women
Therapeutic Practices


Yoga for Women: Therapeutic Practice Sequences Booklet by Donna Farhi is a completely new 44-page spiral bound booklet that includes three practice sequences, suitable for all stages of a women’s life. It is also available as an e-book. Please see more info below.

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Each restorative posture is clearly explained with explicit full-colour photographs with an easy-to-use practice summary for each sequence. The emphasis of these restorative practices is on generating physiological support for the nourishment of the internal organs. When organs are nourished they are then able to do their job effectively and to provide nourishment to all the other body systems. This can have profound consequences for maintaining balance and health throughout all cycles of a women’s life.

What makes these restorative postures unique is the emphasis on supported prone (downward facing) asanas, twists, and side-lying positions. Gentle pressure against the front and sides of the body stimulate the physiological function of the internal organs while simultaneously deepening the base support of the parasympathetic nervous system.

When we are in a stressful condition the body redirects blood flow away from the internal organs to the peripheral musculature, preparing the body to “fight or take flight.” When this sympathetic response become chronic and habituated it can affect digestion, assimilation and elimination as well as all of the organic processes that cleanse, purify and balance the blood. Deep relaxation helps to reverse this process, allowing the muscles to recuperate and release while simultaneously increasing blood flow to the purveyors of all our internal functions.

The three sequences in the book are tailored for during the moon cycle or menstruation: for perimenopause and menopausal woman and a general sequence called “centering down” which directs blood flow to the abdomen and acts to sooth and calm the nervous system.

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