Yoga Nidra Package


For over a decade I’ve been offering Yoga Nidra as a part of many of my Yoga intensives, with frequent requests from students to make those recordings available. Now, the three MP3 recordings in the Heart Aroused series are available in one complete package.

Further Information

While sound studio recordings offer total control of the process, (and I’ve admired others who do these well), for me, the most potent Yoga Nidra practices have “arrived” in the depths of an intensive or retreat when I’ve entered into a deeply meditative space and feel connected to you the listener.  And yet these are often the very recordings with sneezes and other minor imperfections throughout.  With the help of my dear friend Neal Ghoshal, we’ve managed to take out most of the distracting elements from these recordings and hope you find great benefit from this live resource.

  • Befriending Yourself (39 mins.) [File size: 93.2Mb]
  • Balancing Emotions & Cultivating Calmness (34 mins.) – with music by Prabhu Osoniqs [File size: 60.5Mb]
  • Opening the Heart (29 mins.) – with music by Prabhu Osoniqs [File size: 54.6Mb]

Please note: audio recordings are supplied as an mp3 download. As they are not iTunes they cannot be downloaded via mobile devices. Please download via your computer. Most computers will automatically save them in your ‘downloads’ folder. However, if you have any problems:

  1. Open the link in Firefox or Chrome
  2. Go to the Firefox/Chrome menu and select “File/Save Page As”
  3. Choose the location where you wish to save it
  4. If you are using iTunes, the first time you click on it, it will automatically be imported into your iTunes library