Yoga Nidra

“Donna’s voice is a powerful guide into the practice. Donna gives us loving kindness while at the same time giving back to everyone his/her own responsibility for wellbeing and living a good life.”
~ Noemi Poget, Switzerland

“I frequently enjoy listening to them, and afterwards I always feel refreshed and energised.”
~ Tony Parsons, Australia

“These Yoga Nidra recordings are unique and insightful. Donna’s voice is soothing and relaxing and I thoroughly enjoy practicing with these recordings.”
~ Loraine Rushton, Australia

The Heart Aroused

“Donna teaches with complete authenticity. Her integrity  comes from truly embodying and experiencing all she teaches, and her skill is in managing to share this with such diverse groups.”
~ Alison Smith, Australia

“A Donna Odyssey. Food for every cell of the body.”
~ Mathew Bergan, London

“I have learnt that I have the strength and grounding to trust the soft whisperings of my heart. So grateful.”
~ Eugenia Sivitou, London

“I felt I was in a very safe pair of hands… I felt my heart gradually open by the 4th day. I was constantly on the edge of the most beautiful tears.
~ Simon Beardsell, Australia

“Participating in Donna’s intensive has been the best gift to myself for the last couple of years. I didn’t realise how dilapidated my energy was. One feels nourished, inspired and accepted. Such a safe envirnment to delve deeper. Thank you Donna from the bottom of my heart!”
~ Phyllis James, Christchurch

Origins of Alignment

“Donna is an exceptional teacher; her integrity, enthusiasm, warmth and humour made me feel as though anything is possible with the right amount of practice and patience.”
~ Cheryl Jenkins, London

“Coming from a scientific and medical background the solid knowledge base of this workshop is astounding. What I particularly liked was the emphasis on the experience of each individual and the importance of taking responsibility for one self. Yoga in this form is powerful.”
~ Chloe Lovelidge

“An impeccably organised, profound experience which left me feeling free and whole. I thoroughly recommend this intensive to anyone who wants to come home to themselves.”
~ Joanna Simas, London

Centering Down

Donna’s work is of the highest integrity, cohesion and value I have ever found in 37 years of my Yoga path. Simply the best of the best.
~ Carol Stall

Donna’s ability to integrate a physical practice, an anatomical understanding and a deep awareness of philosophy in her teaching, has been a joy to experience on this intensive. Her teaching is an inspiration and a testament to her own journey on the Yogic path. Donna, thank you for sharing it!
~ Jessica Edwards

I was afraid Donna was not going to live up to my expectation I had when reading her books, but the intensive far exceeded my expectations. Her presence alone influenced me over the 5 days. I have learned so much and gained valuable experience.
~ Meg Crosthwaite

Opening to Insight

Donna teaches you how to ‘own’ and deepen your Yoga practice in a way that no series of one-hour Yoga classes ever will. Her clarity of instruction and insight have had a profound effect on my own practice and my ability to serve my students needs well. Articulate and eloquent, her nuggets of information are pure gold and her imaginative instruction leaves a lasting impression.
~ Lisa Mitchell

 “This workshop helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the blissful nature of my practice. It gave me access to a whole new way to practice and to allow whatever comes up to guide the way the practice evolves.”
~ Leonie Nielsen

Spinal Integration

“I found everything I was looking for in this intensive; logical anatomical knowledge and information about the evolution of human movement; what not to do when you have back pain and what to do more of, and many carefully tailored exercises to rebuild muscle awareness and strength. I cannot imagine a more perfect course for a Yoga teacher who has backpain (like I do) or who has students arriving to their classes with back pain (like we all do!).”
~Marianne Zanelli.

“My Teacher Training was a 650 hour course, but the anatomy section was too quick for me to absorb and didn’t go into depth. This workshop has filled so many gaps and increased my confidence as a teacher.”
~Karen O’Donahoo.

“Donna’s teaching has greatly increased my understanding of biomechanics and human movement, taking the concepts far beyond standard health science textbooks. Applying this knowledge to yoga creates a profound awareness of subtle changes and possibilities within the human body and spirit. I am looking forward to integrating this with my studies in yoga, remedial massage and mind-body medicine. Above all, I really appreciated Donna’s grounded, practical approach to yoga and teaching.”
~Kelly Elizabeth Fox, Australia.

I came with no expectations – only experience of past workshops with other accomplished teachers who mostly structured the lessons around asana. In contrast, this blitzed all!! Donna is a master presenter and educator. The information given, powerful and instantly useful, delivered in a well measured series for ease of understanding.
~ Adrienne Lewsam

Donna’s indepth knowledge of the spinal column is outstanding. The intelligence of the information is remarkable. Donna helped me bring my awareness internally to a level that I have not previously experienced.
~ Lilly Markaic

In recent years I’ve let go of a lot of asana practice because of the instability of my sacroiliac joints. I’m so deeply happy to have gained understanding of how to take care of my S.I. joints through my asana practice. This way of practice feels so deeply integrating. I’m re-inspired about the use of of asana as a health care practice I can use for a lifetime. My deepest thanks
~ London Yoga Student

Engaging the Inner Body

Donna’s workshops are always profoundly expansive. She is a pioneer and dedicated explorer, researching new techniques that add layers of depth to your practice and magically she imparts this information in an eloquent, accessible way.
~ Lisa Mitchell

Moved from Within

I did not know what to expect from one of the most revered teachers of Yoga. . . to my delight, Donna’s workshop reaffirmed some of my most deeply felt truths and reminded me of the inherent mysteries of the human body and of life. Her great intelligence, humility and humour made a huge impression on me and my Yoga practice, which has now deepened immeasurably. Donna has not given me all the answers, rather she’s helped me to learn to love the questions. Thank you.
~ Annabelle Boelema, Wellington, New Zealand.


This work feels very distilled. It has a clarity and a precision.
~ Jamus Wood. Manchester, U.K.

I appreciate Donna’s broad, broad knowledge and her ability to draw on so many aspects from poetry to horseback riding to make her points. Honestly, the material was a good frame; but who Donna is and the joy of being with her was the most valuable teaching for me.
~ Heidi Singfield