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How do I host a workshop with Donna?

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What kind of experience do I need to attend a workshop?

The experience level you need to attend an event with Donna depends to some degree on the content of the weekend workshop, 5-day intensive, retreat, training or clinic you are attending. Please contact the regional organizer first to find out what the specific topic is for the event you wish to attend.

You do not need to be able to do headstand, shoulderstand, handstand or advanced back bends to attend a workshop!
In general, however, the most basic requirement to attend a workshop is that you have at least one year of consistent yoga practice. Just as important is your ability to listen to and be loyal to your inner perceptions while attending a class. What this means in an asana (posture) class, is that you work within your ability, adapt postures in relation to any physical injury or condition that you have, and come out of postures when you have reached your threshold. Every student has explicit permission to adapt and modify practice in order to be self-responsible. This is an integral part of Donna's teacher-student model; one in which the student is always encouraged to move in the direction of self reliance. You are the only person who can perceive what is happening inside you!

While Donna is a senior teacher with over two decades of teaching experience and over three decades of personal practice, her focus in teaching is more about the quality of attention brought to the Yogic inquiry rather than the attainment of advanced physical postures. While any given workshop may contain some challenging postures, students are always given alternative options so that they can practice safely and wisely. You do not need to be able to do headstand, shoulderstand, handstand or advanced back bends to attend a workshop!

Pregnant women are welcome to attend as long as they practiced yoga before they became pregnant and do not have any complications with their pregnancy. Pregnant women need to be resourceful in adapting postures that are no longer suitable in the more advanced stages of pregnancy.

If, after reading this description you are still not sure about the suitability of a workshop for you, please contact the regional organizer who will refer your case directly to Donna. She will consider each case in relation to the material that will be covered in that specific event.