2020 Schedule

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Christchurch, New Zealand: 24 - 26 January (weekend fundraising event for Grassroots Yoga)
Intensive: Yoga for Lower Back ​Health: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement
Email for more information about the event:  info@grassrootsyoga.co.nz
Information and bookings: www.donnafarhi.co.nz/workshops/christchurch2020/
Melbourne, Australia: 20 - 24 March
Intensive: The Yoga of Sensory Awareness
Information and bookings: www.donnafarhi.co.nz/workshops/melbourne-2020/
Taipei, Taiwan: 01 - 03 May
Intensive: Moving from the Core
Beijing, China: 07 - 11 May
Intensive: Yoga for Lower Back Pain
Helsinki, Finland: 15 - 17 May
Intensive: Yoga for Lower Back Pain
Contact: Eija Tervonen
Email: eija.tervonen@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1094014137471895/
Booking Website: https://holvi.com/shop/HXQzJB/product/1ce9d4eb54371b4122fccaf553b4badf/
Optional on-site accommodation; for a discounted rate, please quote ‘Donna Farhi’ when booking: https://jollas89.fi/en/#
London, UK: 22 - 31 May
Intensive: Empowering people through interoception: a teachers’ and trainee teachers’ intensive
Phone:+44 0274833344
Website: https://triyoga.co.uk/workshops/guest-teacher-workshops/empowering-people-through-interoception-a-teacher-s-intensive-9170
Montreal, Canada: June 13 - 14
Conference workshop: “Teaching Through Touch”
Website: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com
Albuquerque, USA: June 19 - 23
Galapagos Islands: June 28 - July 05
Retreat: 1 double room has just become available
Contact: Laura Forsyth
Website: https://www.oneyogaglobal.com/current-yoga-retreats/galapagos-with-donna-farhi/
Nosara, Costa Rica: July 11 - 18
Retreat: The Joy of Fluidity  in Form
Contact: Laura Forsyth
Website: https://www.oneyogaglobal.com/current-yoga-retreats/costa-rica-with-donna-farhi
Auckland, New Zealand: 25 - 29 September
Intensive: Origins of Alignment
Website: https://sacredmoves.com/
More details TBA
Auckland, New Zealand: 30 September
One day intensive:  Empowering People through Interoception
Website: https://sacredmoves.com/
More details TBA
Auckland, New Zealand: 03 - 04 October
Teacher training:  Empowering People through Interoception
Details: https://yogateachertraining.nz/
Wellington, New Zealand: 30 October - 01 November
Workshop: Yoga for Lower Back Pain
Details: TBA