Yoga for Lower Back ​Health: 

Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement

a weekend intensive with

Donna Farhi
​​Christchurch New Zealand, ​​​24-26 ​January 2020

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More and more Yoga practitioners (and teachers) are showing up to class with debilitating sacroiliac discomfort becoming members of a rapidly growing international “SIJ” Club.  In many instances sacroiliac issues in Yoga practitioners are the consequence of repetitive dysfunctional movements, skewed body mechanics and forceful overstretching.  Little-by-little, these actions can erode the inherent stability of the pelvis, resulting in pain and movement impairment.  

Your teaching was sublime. You presented at a higher level than I have ever witnessed. ~ Michelle Harris

The workshop provided the tools, knowledge, and trust to awaken a deeper self-inquiry and connection to an inner knowledge; I believe that’s when force, effort, and friction leave our practice and we are supported by the natural rhythms. I left with a newfound trust in playing in this space. ~ Phoebe Dougall

I expected the anatomy to perhaps be ‘over my head’ but it was delivered so clearly I could easily follow. ~ Anphia Beyers

Donna is changing the way yoga is learnt and taught. ~ Alli Black

Donna presents this workshop as she would teaching a Yoga class. She makes you feel welcome, safe, accepted, and then speaks with beautiful articulation and pauses, which allows you time to absorb the information. I loved every minute. ~ Amy Seal Australia (participant at a live weekend intensive)

Donna is doing such groundbreaking work, I am quite sure one day her protocols will be the internationally recognised gold standard for treating the lower back - and not just in yoga practitioners. I could literally feel the subtle placement alteration in my body the day after the workshop - my movement was more free and more comfortable. Thank you. Sula Blake (Melbourne, Australia)

THANK YOU DONNA! I have learned SO much and I have cut up my membership card to the SIJ Club! I have also had chronic hip pain off and on for years in my front left hip flexor . As I have been applying the principles and doing the practices I have NO MORE hip pain. Wow! ~ Andrea Vehrs, Utah, USA teacher of Prime Yoga and Sukha Flow.

Donna was clear, considered and concise with her delivery and information. Her level of knowledge, research and experience allowed an outstanding opportunity to learn and evolve my practice; how I teach and why I teach a particular way. ~ Stephanie Williams

Donna Farhi has put together a deeply helpful online course for people seeking to understand the causes, ramifications and rehabilitation protocols of low back pain and sacroiliac problems. She covers the theory in depth, including a helpful review of the historical perspectives that lead up to current thinking. The practical aspect of the course is well thought through and easy to follow, I can fully recommend it. ~ Peter Blackaby, author of Intelligent Yoga,

This has solidified my confidence and courage to listen to my body and not another ‘guru’ as to what is right for me. I have tools to use when things go wrong and tools to ensure I’m still practicing in my 80s. ~ Riddhi Blackley

​The 13-hour course includes...

  • Two in-depth anatomical PowerPoints covering the structure and mechanisms that underlie sacroiliac stability.  Donna will demonstrate the relationship between the lumbar spine and hips, and the specific anatomical features that contribute to its stability bias as well as the unsound biomechanics that can leverage into and pry apart these joints setting the stage for SIJ misalignment.
  • Identifying key culprits and common Yoga practices that erode SIJ stability.
  • Three practice sessions that respectively address reducing pain and discomfort, rebuilding pelvic integrity, and finally how to maintain stability while restoring greater mobility.  (Practice pdf summary sheets will be provided).
  • Approx. 150 pages of worksheets and practice notes provided as downloadable PDF documents

This course is open to both teachers of Yoga and students who are interested in both understanding and resolving their sacroiliac joint issues. ​Donna ​released this course as a 9-hour online tutorial in June 2018

Schedule ​24-26 January:

  • Friday, ​24 January, 6:​00-8:​00pm
  • Saturday, ​25 January, 10:00am -1:00pm and 2:30-5:00pm
  • Sunday, ​26 January, 10:00am -1:00pm and 2:30-5:00pm


Please bring:

  • ​Yoga mat
  • ​3 firm blankets (wool or cotton are best)
  • ​1 firm yoga bolster
  • ​A yoga block and belt
  • ​A thick bath towel and a thin hand towel
  • 18cm Muscle Release Ball or Gertie Ball (​you can purchase the muscle release ball from​, it could take several weeks to be delivered from the US).

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Cancellations and Refunds Policy:

The price less $50 bank charges and booking fee is refundable until ​​​15 ​December, 2​019. No refunds can be made after midnight ​15 ​​December, 20​​19 unless your place can be filled by another person. In case of cancellation by Donna Farhi (trading as Ladino 2004 Ltd), you will receive a full refund. In case of an emergency where Donna cannot travel, Donna will assign a senior teacher in her place (this is highly unlikely).

All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver to participate on this intensive.

Travel Insurance:

If you are travelling to Christchurch, we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip and/or flights. Please note that travel insurance may need to be purchased within a limited window of reserving your trip or purchasing airline tickets. Please check with your travel agent for details as terms and conditions vary between countries and agencies.