Globally accessible livestream events


Donna Farhi

In 2020, eight x 2-hour livestream classes,  a 16-hour livestream course, and a virtual one-day Retreat were held online. These were recorded and are now available for purchase.
Livestream classes #1 to #8  were centered around a theme with the basic format consisting of a short discussion or lecture followed by a 1.5 hour guided practice.  The experiential component of each workshop included brief sitting, meditation, movement inquiry, gentle Asana practice, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

#1  Embodying “Yield”: Aligning the Body with Ground, Gravity and Space

#2  From Inertia to Energy: When You Can’t Get Off the Floor

#3  Internal Respiration: The Substratum of our Aliveness

#4  Centering Down: Turning Inwards to Expand Outwards

#5  Back Bending with Ease: Developmental Support (Part One)

#6  Back Bending with Ease: Structural Support (Part Two)

#7  Foundations of Restoratives (Part One): Balance, Sedate, Stimulate

#8  Foundations of Restoratives (Part Two): Cooling and Calming

The course:  'Coming Back to Our Senses: The Yoga of Sensory Awareness' was presented in 6 x 3-hour sessions.

The Retreat:  Ready, Set, Slow: a Stay-at-Home-Retreat

Further livestream events are planned for  2021.

In order to offer the greatest flow and uninterrupted deepening of experience, Donna does not interact with participants during the bulk of the session but Donna will stay on after the session to answer questions. If you miss the live events or the times are not convenient to you, you will still have access the the recorded events.

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