​PDF handouts ​​​2020:

Yoga for Lower Back ​Health: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement

Worksheets (please bring a printed copy to all classes)

​SIJ One:  8 Things Yogis Do to Stuff Up Their SIJs (​5 pages)

​SIJ Two: Pain & Discomfort Practice (​​6 pages)

​SIJ Three: Restoring Pelvic Stability Practice (​​9 pages)

​SIJ Four: Maintaining Stability while Restoring Mobility Practice (​​13 pages)

​​Chants (​​2 pages)

​Powerpoint PDFs ​(​​if you wish to take notes, you may ​find it useful to bring a printed copy or e-version on your iPad/tablet)

Part One:  Anatomy of Sacroiliac Joints (​69 pages)

​​Part ​Two: Kinesiology of the Sacroiliac Joints  (​​​34 pages)