Restore and Re-Vision: A Yoga ​Retreat Just for Yoga Teachers

Thank you for taking the time to ​read these before contacting us.  ​

I can’t decide which Retreat to attend? What do you recommend?

This year's ​​Women's Retreat  is focused around your personal relationship to self-care.  During this retreat all classes are structured and guided and you’ll partake of many wonderful presentations on Ayurveda for women’s lifelong health.  While deeply restful and nourishing the Women’s Retreat is also packed with information.  We also find that many women feel uncomfortable speaking to intimate issues about their bodies and health in the presence of men.  This is the event to come to if you want the support of sisterhood.

During the ​​Teachers' Retreat both men and women are welcome, and while there will be structure to both the morning and afternoon classes, there will be a gradual movement towards more self-practice in the mornings (with circulating faculty to help, if you want it).  This retreat will not be packed with information, anatomy, or new “techniques”, but rather will be about using practice as a time for self-inquiry, restoration, and renewal.  Also, many teachers do not have opportunities to candidly discuss their personal and professional challenges and aspirations when students may be present.  For this reason, I’ve asked the wonderful Gaby Porter to facilitate dyad and small group discussion based on her work as a “Thinking Environment” consultant.  If you are feeling that your own personal practice has suffered as a consequence of teaching, and that you want a confidential collegial environment where you can explore the big questions about your role as a teacher (without the onus of students present) this is the event for you.  It will also be an opportunity to network, share strategies, and learn from other professional teachers.

​​If you are a woman, why not do both?  If you are wanting to really drop down and in, there’s no reason you can’t attend the Women’s Retreat and use this as a launching pad for diving into the Teacher’s Retreat.  

I want to bring my partner, but s/he is not a Yoga teacher.

Because this is exclusively a Yoga Teachers’ Retreat, we have limited attendance to Yoga Teachers only through an ​​application process. ​

Can I attend both the Women’s and Teachers’ Retreats?

Yes, of course, conditional on your application to the Yoga Teacher’s Retreat being accepted.

Can I attend ​part of the Retreat?

​In order to foster ​a collegiate atmosphere, we ​have developed the Retreat round a 6 night all-inclusive package. ​We understand that circumstances may arise ​that delay your arrival or ​require you to leave ​earlier. The cost of the Retreat remains unchanged. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover ​such an eventuality.

Is their a ​special price for att​ending both Retreats?

​​Each separate Retreat has been priced according to content​ and duration. As they are ​offered separately ​they are priced separately and need to be booked separately.

Can you hold a room for me while my application is being considered?

​​​Be​cause there are only a limited number of rooms available, ​in fairness to everyone, we are able to hold rooms only ​for those who have paid ​and submitted their information form (this form will be visible during the booking process; it is not the same as your application form).

​What is the check-in and check out time?

Check in: after 3pm (no early check-ins are possible ​)

Check out: after breakfast (around 10am. No late check outs are possible)

How do I get to Suryalila?

See  http://suryalila.com/contact/directions

​​For ​all ​domestic or international travel, bookings, and advice​, please see your travel agent.

I would like to stay a day or two ​before or after the Retreat. ​Can I book extra nights at Suryalila?

​If you wish to stay the night before or after the Retreat, please contact Suryalila: info@suryalila.com. If they are booked out, you might like to try Air B&B.com or Booking.com for accommodation in nearby Villamartin, or alternatively, see your travel agent.

​I have ​paid to stay ​additional nights. ​How can I book an optional excursion?

​Please contact Suryalila: info@suryalila.com​ and let them know in the header of your email, that you are booked to stay ​for Donna Farhi's Teacher's Retreat. There will be both a minimum and maximum number of people for each excursion, so we recommend you contact them as soon as you have booked and paid for the ​optional night. We are unable to answer any further questions about this as we do not ​operate the excursions.

What's ​the weather like at that time of year?

​We have selected t​hese dates specifically because the climate is generally warm and dry that time of year. Nights are also warm but can sometimes be chilly enough to need a light jacket.

What should I bring?

A few weeks before the Retreat, we will send you a link where you can download a recommended packing list. Suryalila have most yoga props, although you might like to bring your own yoga mat if you plan on practicing outside, and a ​Muscle Release Ball (also known as a Gertie Ball).

​Is wifi available at the Retreat?

​Yes, however the connection is not suitable ​to send our download large files or Skype/Facetime etc.

Are washing machines available?

​There are washing machines in each casa and also the main building. ​There are also dryers, but pegs are more eco-friendly...

​I ​have been accepted, but the room I want ​is 'out of stock' in the online shopping cart. Can you waitlist me?

​​​If you ​have booked and paid, we ​can ​notify you ​if a different type of accommodation becomes available. ​We are unable to waitlist ​anyone who ​has not booked and paid.

I've already booked and paid ​ and now ​a friend is coming. Can we share a room?

​If you have booked the same room type and a space is available, yes, of course. Just email us: ​​products@donnafarhi.co.nz and ​​also ask you friend to email us as ​requesting ​the same.  ​Please note, there is no discount available for this option, however if you have opted to stay in a single occupancy room but now wish to change to a twin occupancy room, we can refund you the difference.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

​A refund less 15% ​ ​can be made until December 15, 2018. No refunds can be made after December 15, 201​8. In case of cancellation, you may transfer your deposit or your reservation to another person as long as you notify us with 30+ days notice. In case of cancellation by Ladino 2004 Ltd, you will receive a full refund of all funds received by Ladino 2004 Ltd. In case of an emergency where Donna cannot travel, Donna will assign a senior teacher in her place (this is highly unlikely). In order to secure ​your exclusive use of Suryalila, we were ​required to financially commit to block-booking ​the Retreat a year in advance, he​nce there can be no exceptions to this policy. All participants will be required to complete an application and sign a liability waiver to participate on the trip.​  We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip and/or flights. Please note that travel insurance may need to be purchased within a limited window of reserving your trip or purchasing airline tickets. Please check with your travel agent for details as terms and conditions vary between countries and agencies.

Further questions?

​Email us: ​​products@donnafarhi.co.nz